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				welcome to the shockblast's log.
05/26/2014 14:08:00

Girls They Just Wanna Have Fun hit 100 posts + NEW FEATURE

The most loved series on ShockBlast the glorious “Girls They Just Wanna Have Fun" last friday hit its 100th post.

However because lots of you was complaining about the fact the GTJWHF posts had too many images… We decided to implement something so you can take a break and comeback later…

This feature was supposed to be added in the next ShockBlast redesign, but it’s taking too much time and people keep writing emails… so here is a New Feature! It’s Called Bookmark (fucking creative name, huh?)

What it does?

Imagine this scenario: You scrolling down one of GTJWHF posts… after a while you have CRAMPS in your finger and need a break of like 4 hours but you also need to close the page… so you hit “BOOKMARK” close the page and get back after 4 hours the page loads where “BOOKMARKED”. As easy as that.

note that the new feature will be available on all the Girls They Just Have Fun Posts in the next days. Currently it’s only available on GTJWHF 82


03/01/2014 21:07:00

New Mobile Version of ShockBlast

We dropped it! We finally dropped that filthy outdated bullshit we had as mobile version of ShockBlast. Damn it was seriously ugly.

Remember this is the first roll out of many that we’ll do during this year.

Main goal of the new design was to make it as lightweight as possible. And so we did, the previous version (yeah, that ugly motherfucker) loaded around +25 .css+.js+image files every time you opened a page, only for layout proposes! As you can imagine if you’re on 3/4G that aint good. So, this version has only 1 .css file (10.2kb) and 1 .svg image (386 kb) that’s it, that’s all you load for the layout… the rest is post content. Another of the goals was to have the same links for both Desktop and Mobile versions, just like the previous version.

Let me tell you how heavy it’s influenced from Tumblr. It is heavily influenced, yeah.

I aint gonna like, this was the fastest shit I’ve done in a while… it took me 4-5 days.. and fo sure it will fail in some deviced, I already know it.. but I didn’t have the oppurtunity to test it on many devices.

Web App, you can save it as web app.. and got that fucking dope icon on your screen, but it aint gonna function properly. Let me explain you why. Because there’s no JavaScript, and those web apps doesn’t work without ajax. So sorry about that.

Please, enjoy.


12/14/2013 11:05:00

Facebooks, News Feeds, Algorithms, and how you don’t see things.

In few words

According to Facebook’s new changes in news feed algorithm, from now we need to pay to reach people. A Facebook spokesperson said, “We expect organic distribution of an individual page’s posts to gradually decline over time…” “…the best way to get your stuff seen if you’re a business is to pay for it.”

This means you may not receive ShockBlast’s updates anymore via the Facebook page because it doesn’t make sense for me to pay Facebook to share something I don’t earn nothing from it.


TO BE CLEAR: we’ll continue to post updates on our Facebook page, but they might not appear in your news feed (Home)


I thought it was right to let you know why you might not see our future post (not because of US but because Facebook decided so) on your news feed.

So, if you’d like to get our updates in future
Download our Google Chrome extension
and follow us on:
BE SURE you don’t miss out on all the great content we offer.

In few more words

Starting from Friday 06/December/2013 I’ve noticed a huge drop in post views on Facebook, I’m not good at percentages, but I could say updates were getting about 60% less of the reach that they usually get.

Then I stumbled on [this article] where Facebook openly states that fan page owners should expect their organic reach to continue to decline over time… and the best way to get your stuff seen is to pay for reach.

Here Come the nonsense.

If your fans like your page is because they want to see your content, however, Facebook wants us to pay to reach our fans. That’s 100% okay when you’re selling something, but when you’re just giving away (for free) valuable content, it does not make financial sense. And since it doesn’t make financial sense to promote content you give away, this means your fans won’t receive the content they want (as demonstrated by them liking your page).

People don’t know about this new changes.

When people like a page, they don’t realize what goes on behind the scenes. They like your page because they want to see what you have to share, but they don’t realize that Facebook wants you to pay Facebook to give them the content they want.

Facebook states they made these changes because of USERS but all they do is decide instead of you. They decide what you see and what you don’t. Just like Google searches. It’s a world where other people, in this cases algorithms, decide what you like, what you need to know, what you need to see, what you need to read, even what you need to do. And it’s unfair.

I thought it was right to let you know why you might not see our future post (not because of US but because Facebook decided so) on your news feed.

So, if you’d like to get our updates in future
Download our Google Chrome extension
and follow us on:
BE SURE you don’t miss out on all the great content we offer.


08/21/2013 11:29:49

ShockBlast x Google Chrome Extension

Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s been a fucking while!

We got some news for you!

We’ve released our Google Chrome Extension!!! » GET IT HERE

Let me, first, explain you what you can do with it. In few words you have all the latest posts from ShockBlast right there in your chrome bar. You don’t have to check every time the site or staring at facebook/twitter or whatever… You juck the heart and you get over-inspired in a second.

Blah Blaah Blah (skip if you want)

You may ask yourself, or you may not, - Why this fellows didn’t released an add-on for firefox?! The answer is, because making an add-on for firefox is a three foot and five hands up in the ass pain. Plus every, I don’t know how many, version(s) we need to revisit it fix and update in order to work. Aint nobody got time for that.
With Chrome is a whole another thing (I personally don’t use chrome) but they did it super easy to make an extension. All you need is a degree in rocketbuilding, and a biological master. A computer a text editor some files a bless from God. You’re done.
But anyways. Even if it was easy, it took me 2 & a half days to make it, it was the first time… IT WAS MY WEEK-OFF work instead of going ham chasing bitches at beach I closed myself at home coding this… But hey, I’ve learned a couple of things, didn’t spent money and didn’t get sunburns (I hate the SUN.) and I hope somebody found it useful. I don’t! because I don’t use chrome and I see all the posts before you, soooo.

Future: Have some new ideas for the extension… but first we want to see how it goes, and stuff.
Future: Site redisgn… Have so many FUTURISTIC ideas for a new version, but I have no time, fuck money - fuck work! Work whole week and week-ends I have better things to do so… I don’t even know when I’m going to have time and start the rebuilding from scratch of ShockBlast.


p.s. Install the extension from here


10/31/2012 19:13:00

That Halloween Update

Yooooooooooooooooooo, are you guessing what I’m about to talk?! Yes? Yes! WE’ve change the fucking server ONE more mothafucking time, I can’t even count that much to tell you how many times we did this. But this time’s different we’ve decided to leave that bitch called Italy and move to that slut called America. Yep, fuck Italy and fuck their ultra-expensive servers and VERY poor service quality.

Quickly describing what we’ve been thru

- We had no root access to old server, so we had to move files with FTP… But with that amount of data photos and shit it was pretty hard to download everything and then upload it again. So I’ve found (thank you god) FXP which is a fucking portocol, I guess, using a fucking crack in the ftp portocol that allows to open a tunnel (your computer) between the 2 servers and make em transfer stuff without having to down and up load it.. Well 6 days to move the whole site. but now it’s online

T’sall. Can’t complain. Planning to fap sometime soon.
Some Numbers: in 6 days we’ve moved:
61 millions (611993) files. 53 millions (535308) were images.


08/30/2012 17:32:00

2 days Before september | Updates

Hello fellows!

Here me go again with updates. This time I’ve 4 GROUND BREAKING, ASS SHAKING, EARTH QUAKING updates to showcase and explain to yall.
Are you ARE READY?!!?!? 1! 2! 3! JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!

The story you’re about the hear developed in 3 hours, because I love you, I’m gonna leave useless details a part.

1) Lightbox on gallery
2) Top Menu
3) Navigation search/archive pages
4) ShockBlast x tumblr recode redesign



The old lightbox for the galleries was removed!
Why? Because it injected around 6 files on EVERY PAGE even on homepage (even on homepage? Are you serious? Yes! You heard me aight). So, I decided to fucking create a new “lightbox” but it aint really a lightbox, it’s CSS3 based with a little bit of jQuery, it’s mainly CSS3, TRUST ME. I know you want action: Here’s in action - click on thumbnails to see what I did there ;)



Can I have the menu, please?! Yes! Menu was changed too, that flippy upsidedown thing under the logo was changed. Why? Because when NYX was first created we had in mind to create a menu which helps people navigate thru the site, the old menu failed so was change with Fernando (Nice name for a menu, huh?) I hope Fernando will do better. As above the menu is complete CSS3 no images, no jQuery nothing. only CSS3 & htmls.


Buttons on Archive & Search Page - basically the 2 buttons you use to move from page F to page UCK YOU. Previosly we had 2 blue buttons, I don’t even know if we could call them buttons. well there are GONE TOO! DEADD. Guess what was used to accomplish that 3D effect? You daamn right! CSS3 and nothing else. IN ACTION scroll to the ground you will see it.



Major Recoding and some design elements redisgn of shockblast x tumblr.
- Code was revisited cleaned and recoded.
- sidebar completely redisigned added a 3D Menu (CSS3 Only)
- fixed and redisgned how posts appear
- added other stuff here and there.

So hope you’ll enjoy these new stuff. If you don’t who gives a shit? I got that Zuckerberg attitude, if you know what I mean…

and as always if any errors, fuck em! I never check twice what I write.


08/19/2012 01:07:00

August Update

Yo Dicks!
We have that news and we deliver it like a pizza, HOT!

1) Tomorrow (write it down this is important) guess what? We going to change server ONE MORE time, yeah the company we was till today decided to make money quick and sell themselfs to others, and this scumbags want us to change servers. Fingercross all goes aight

2) This was one of those nights… I call ‘em “Music, Porn, Code till morning” nights, where I listen to good music, roll dice and write code till the sun comes out. Tonight I implemented tumblr to bottom of every page. Whats that? Now you can see the last 10 posts from our TUMBLR and from You! - Your Voice that’s it. Total is 20.

3) We are over 3k followers on TUMBLR. On facebook it’s 8k608. Twitter 1k308.


07/15/2012 00:27:00

Quick Update | 15 July 12


I writing you this post 4 people before 8.000 Likes on Facebook.

I know it was been a while, but there was nothing to say or add in the past 1-2 months. Today I’m writing, because after a really long period we finally decided to totally clear our “TODO LIST” and here’s the things we had to do and we kept in delay.

1) The first one was; Implement our short domain ( ) into every post and get it to work with the Twitter button you find at the end of every post in the Share Bar.

After 4 hours of coding and killing fucking Mosquitos we get this shit to work, so NOW when you share a link on TWITTER you’ll no more lose precious characters, thanks to the short url.

But that’s not all, before the last ADS at end of the page there’s a little box with the SHORT LINK you can easily copy and past wherever you want, give it a try.

/!\ Some posts MAY NOT have the short links yet, the system is creating them in this moment. /!\

2) Many of you (Pinterest addicts) write us that the share stuff of the pinterest button, you find in the share bar at post end wasn’t working and because of the disable right click on the mouse was not possible to pin our content to the board even with the browser’s addon. So we fixed that shit.

See you next time


03/20/2012 02:06:00

March update so far

Waddup fellaaaaaaaZ? Wass crackin? What’s going on? Here we go again with another update! Are you happy?

Yesterday we change for the 1000000000 time server, this time (knock on wood) without problems, thank god.
The server is like the previous one. There was no downtime thanks to Cloudflare and because we got their nameservers on. Plus we got the 2 servers up and running at the same time so nobody noticed nuttin. :)

Few seconds ago I finally finished the old-new share bar at the end of posts.
this is how it looks like;

This month we hit 1000 Followers on Twitter & we’re very proud of this.

CloudFlare vs. Facebook vs. ShockBlast:
- Images wont show up if a link from ShockBlast is shared on Facebook.
what we know about this problem? We know that if we don’t use CloudFlare there’s no problem. But we use CloudFlare so there’s a problem. We also know that maybe Facebook will never fix this shit. Waiting & Hoping


02/06/2012 01:06:00

What happened? the database crash

February 4: Server went down for a couple of minutes, when it get back… the Database was fucked up… In few words the whole database any entry was full of \ and other symbols. So no posts was visible.

Why it took so long to restore a backup?
Because we had to talk with the Hosting and they was kinda slow to figure out what to do + the the backup they had was after the crash and the one we had was corupted…

How you fix this shit?
Downloaded the backup, de-tar.gz it :D after we drop the old database and uploaded the new one.

And what about the old posts?
Well we had to re-post them by hand, because the xml was fucked up too… 2 days of readding old posts.

And now?
We’re ok at the moment just finished with the posts, now we’re going to make backups every single day, maybe a cronjob will help us in case we forget to make one.


01/28/2012 21:58:00

Evil Share Bottom Bar

Last night we was checking the load time + different other stuff about the speed of ShockBlast and we noticed that there was a file injected from a different domain. So we decided to investigate what was that file, and found that the file was injected by a plugin called “SexyBookmarks” wich we used at the end of the posts to make you share stuff around the web.

What was that? In few words it was a file that track via GIFs (Web Bacons) the visitors and then send the data to AD & Tracking networks, later this data will be used to spam your email or send you ads in other places. [Read the e-mail we sent to Wordpress]

We deactivated and deleted the plugin after we noticed this issue. At the moment we have that fucking ugly buttons that don’t match a shit, but I’m working on a cleaner thing, It will be online in few days? weeks? dunno, feel lazy in these days.


01/24/2012 10:24:40

Problems over Problems

Yesterday: we had some problems with the DataBase, unfortunately isnt the first time that this kind of problem affects the website. The hosting was informed and they tell us that they will take a look, (no more updates from the the hosting) the site is ok at the moment, but I know that they aint fixed a shit and I’m waiting this error to show again in the next days!

Today: An European network provider/network backbone seems to have failed at around 4 AM (Pacific Time). In addition, CloudFlare was performing maintenance overnight, and some sites using CloudFlare may be unavailable, OF COURSE ShockBlast is one of these websites, plus the whole CloudFlare DNS network is under a DDoS attack and everything is slow as SHIT.


01/02/2012 00:27:00

ShockBlast Nyx now Live + server

LOL We’re so happy to announce you that the new version of ShockBlast called NYX is now Live! We’re in a BETA week, gonna fix a lot of problems already know that. What’s up with new version? - Well basically we get rid of the static homepage and designed from scratch a new one with a very nice jQuery animation where the thumbnails fall down from top + it’s full screen :)
- For the other pages we didn’t change a lot, we just added and removed some stuff. Change the header (logo + menu) removed the comments… 1 year and 5 months only 500 comments and 15,000 spam…… :D yeah!!!! 15k! So if you wanna comment go to facebook or @shockblastnet on twitter! Added a new cool search. Added a navigation bar at the BOTTOM yeah for other stuff visit the site :D Used some new html5 and CSS3 code and its cool to work with them… the painful part of this project was the css sprites coded and made by hand because none of the services made what we needed… between 25 and 30 of december we change server once again… so now we’re on new server, I think it’s the same shit like the others… hope I’m wrong and hope this was the last time we change servers…


08/11/2011 14:49:00

Updated 1 — New Version

Today We officialy started thinking and brainstorming what can be changed 
and added to ShockBlast 3 (v SB:3).

Things to be changed:
- Better code, reducing the unneeded plugins.
- Better Search.
- Better Archives navigation.
- Better Menu (clear with more links)
- Home Page & Other pages UI, will be changed.

— It’s very probable that would be an UserNews section, where YOU can add your stuff.
— No more comments section.
— Keyboard Shortcuts
— AND many more…

Note: We're just thinking and writing on a paper, no code was written so far.


07/20/2011 10:47:00


> ShockBlast x Tumblr

Yesterday we launched our official Tumblr Blog. You can now follow us at

> ShockBlast connect

Yesterday we launched a new layout for the page Connect. Here you can find all our social life and connect with us.

> ShockBlast x Tumblr | AD

Today made a very fancy ad on ShockBlast you can see it on every page in the corner near the logo.


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